Cuerden Valley Park / Wildlife

Cuerden Valley Park has a wealth of wildlife, with different animals and plants to look out for through the year.

Here are just few of the Park’s wildlife highlights:


  • Walk through the woods in spring to find Primroses and a carpet of Bluebells, whilst Daffodils may be found at the woodland edge.
  • In late spring Bee Orchids grow in the meadows, along with Cuckooflowers in the hedgerows providing nectar for butterflies such as Orange Tip and Common Blue.


  • Damselflies such as Banded Demoiselle will be spotted around the River Lostock and Emperor dragonflies dart around the ponds and ditches.
  • Visiting birds including Chiffchaff can be found in open woodland, but Blackcap and Whitethroat prefer the woodland edges and hedgerows.


  • Look out for a variety of moths and butterflies (including Red Admiral) feeding on the Ivy flowers.
  • Michaelmas Daisies grow in the meadows.
  • Hazel nuts may be gathered (if you beat the Squirrels to them), and a keen eye might spot Galls (home to small wasps) on our Oak trees.


  • Dusk brings a clattering of Jackdaws to roost in the tall trees near to the visitor centre.
  • If you’re lucky you could spot Roe Deer meandering through the meadows, or a Fox might cross your path.
  • Handsome Goosanders inhabit the lake and Blackthorn hedges are white with flowers.
  • Look for yellow flowering Gorse bushes and Scarlet Elfcup fungi; and sleeping Celandines hiding under the hedges looking forward to spring.

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