Cuerden Valley Park / Education

Education is a key part of the Trust’s objectives.  We have a busy, well-established, proven education programme, and the Park is the only site in Lancashire that’s registered to provide River Studies.

For school groups there is a charge per child and no charge for accompanying teachers and/or other adult helpers.  Visits must be booked in advance.  Please enquire by email or telephone and then return the booking form to confirm your visit and programme requirements.

To book

Please contact the Education Officer on 01772 324436 or by e-mailing to . Classroom facilities are available for the children to leave their bags and have lunch, etc.

Please note that we DO go out in bad weather, although we reserve the right to provide an indoor alternative to the programme requested in exceptional circumstances.

Full Day Visit

  • River Studies –   £7.00 per pupil
  • One activity + Orienteering –  £6.50 per pupil
  • Two activities –  £7.00 per pupil
  • Harry Potter – £7.50 per pupil
  • Victorians – £7.50 per pupil
  • There is a minimum charge of £150 for a full day class visit.

Half Day Visit

  • One activity – £4.75 per pupil
  • Orienteering (self-led) £2 per pupil

Customised topics

We run our Education Programme with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. If you would like to customise your day – for example, we may be able to adapt our activities to fit in with a novel you are reading in class, please speak to the Education Officer with your ideas.  We will do our best to accommodate you.

Staging your own activities

If you are bringing your class or group independently to the Park and organising your own activities, you must still book in advance to ensure availability and that there is no clash with things that we have organised.

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