Forage and Fry Up

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Have you ever wondered about the abundance of edible treasures hidden in the park? Well here’s your chance to unleash your inner forager and join our immersive Foraging Course at Cuerden Valley Park. Get ready to embark on a journey of culinary discovery with expert Colin Unsworth, we promise he’s a Fun-gi! You’ll learn the does and don’t of foraging while frying what you’ve found at the end.

The walk will be over the space of a couple of hours, so please dress appropriately to the weather conditions of the day (a raincoat is a must!). We would also recommend Wellies or a pair of walking boots as the terrain will vary; you and your party will be walking off footpaths, so if you’re a little unsteady on your feet – this one might not be for you. The walk will also be 2-3km, so please be wary if you would struggle over that distance.

Unlocking the mysteries of wild edibles just doesn’t have to be…well so mysterious. Our helpful staff will talk you through ID techniques, the best ways to cook your foraged goodies and what to expect at different times of year. Reserve Your Spot Now! Spaces for this unique Forage and Fry Up Course are limited, so don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity! Whether you’re a seasoned forager or a curious beginner, this course promises to inspire, educate, and tantalize your taste buds.

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Adult Forager, Under 16's