Forage & Fry-up

This is a slow paced walk through the beautiful woodland where we will stop and look at things we can forage. Not just mushrooms… though they are the gourmet delight we want to see.
The event will be led by Colin Unsworth.
The format of the day is simple. Meet and greet and go for a mushroom hunt and finish with a fry up to taste our foraged finds. The plan is to take enough knowledge from the course to be able to confidently identify some mushroom species on your own. The forest will decide what those species are on the day!
You’ll get to choose a staff, the foragers friend, and then we’re off into the woods. The ground can be slippery and muddy and it might rain, please wear boots or wellies and bring waterproofs. The plan is to forage enough treats for a fry up and mushroom butty at the end.
What to bring: Boots. Waterproofs. Your own staff, basket and gloves if you have them.
Don’t worry about printing tickets, we will have your name on the list once you’ve booked.
Please meet at the Visitor Centre for a 4:30pm start
Follow the link below to book your place.
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Location: Visitor Centre, Berkeley Drive, PR5 6BY
Date: 22nd October 2022
End Date: 22nd October 2022