Changes to Car park charging

Cuerden Valley Park Trust has recently undertaken a review of car parking and car park charges across the Park.  The aim of that review was to explore concerns raised by visitors and try to ensure the process can run more smoothly for everyone going forward.

Specific feedback included that the short stay allowance should be a bit longer – people felt 2 hours was insufficient for a short walk and visit to the Cafe.  Feedback also suggested that the long stay allowance was a little too expensive.

As a result of the feedback we will be making the following amendments:

The short stay time allowance will be increasing from 2 hours to 2.5 hours with a modest increase in price of 50 pence taking it  from £1.50 to £2

The up to 4 hours option will remain unchanged at £3

Visits of above four hours will come down in price from £5 to £4, a saving of £1


These changes will come in to effect from Friday 19th May.


We would like to assure people that all the income from parking fees goes to Cuerden Valley Park Trust and is used to help maintain the park for visitors and the many species which make their home here.

Cuerden Valley Park Trust is a charity, it costs the Trust £1,600 per day to maintain the park, we receive no external funding to do this and rely upon generating our own income each year.