Statement in response to a planning application for excavation of a trench for installation of drains

Statement in response to notification that a planning application has been submitted on the Trust’s property

The Trustees of Cuerden Valley Park Trust have been made aware that a document has been circulated on social media, which contains statements about the Trust which are untrue.

The Trust has not re-submitted a further planning application for the excavation of a trench in connection with a pipeline.

The Trust was notified by The Leith Group, planning consultants, that a third party wished to apply for planning consent on our property and we are aware that such an application has now been made.

We made it abundantly clear to the Leith Group, that this application must not be made on behalf of the Trust and indeed two previous applications should not have been made on behalf of the Trust, one of which was refused and the other withdrawn.

The policy of the Trust has always been that it should have no role in either facilitating or obstructing any planning application in respect of neighbouring property developments.

The Trust will not be commenting on the application and will await the decision of the Local Planning Authority.