Works around the Lake

There are specialist tree surgeons  in the Park working on the embankments of the lake.  The lake is actually a reservoir, created by Thomas Townley-Parker to provide water for Cuerden Hall in the 1880’s.  Some of the trees are being pollarded and rhododendron is being removed.   These measures will help to protect the stone  structure of the embankments as well as making it easier for them to be inspected (twice-yearly).   The work is taking place at the recommendation of the Board of Engineers, since under the 1979 Reservoirs Act we have to ensure that embankments remain stable.  If they ever gave away the water would quickly flow into the River Lostock, flood the Park and cause damage to properties downstream in Bamber Bridge.  For safety reasons, the path around the Lake (reservoir) will be closed whilst the work is taking place.